About the Masterclass

Contact: info@euromusicacademy.com

    Founded in 2003, the European Music Academy (EMA) aims to enhance the young artists’ musical knowledge and performance skills, while stimulating their creativity.

    With the support of the local authorities, EMA organises in Corbigny, nice little town in France - an annual international training seminar, open to musicians of all levels. The seminar runs each year during the second half of July and features teachers and professional musicians of outstanding international reputation.

    Since its inception, first at Le Lude, in France, and then at Sinaia, over 300 young musicians from different countries, such as Belgium, France, Netherlands, United States, China and Ireland, have already benefited from this seminar.

    The activities scheduled for 2019, will pursue the pedagogical aims of the EMA on three main aspects:

    Individual classes will enable a personalised development of the young musicians’ technical and interpretative abilities, each player advancing at its own pace.

    Assisting in the preparation of the concerts performed by the teachers is another important aspect of the seminar, helping students discover various aspects of a professional musician’s life.

    At the end of the seminar trainees will also be called upon to perform in public. The concerts, held at prestigious venues, will offer the young musicians the opportunity to finalise their work and showcase their accomplishments.

    In addition, participating in an international seminar, with students and tutors of different countries and backgrounds, constitutes the perfect opportunity to experience various methods of teaching and learning music, as well as a pleasant way of meeting and interacting with fellow musicians from the international network.